27,555 targeted visitors to TransRussia | SkladTech 2024

What type of activity do visitors to the exhibition have? What positions do they hold? Why do they visit the exhibition? Get answers to these questions in this news.

30,217 specialists from 81 regions of the Russian Federation and 50 countries visited the TransRussia exhibition and SkladTech special exposition in 2024. According to the survey results, 27,555 of them represent the target audience for exhibitors. The target audience refers to those visitors who come to the exhibition with specific business goals, excluding educational or personal ones.


TransRussia | SkladTech 2024 visitors: type of activity

47% of visitors to TransRussia | SkladTech 2024 (13,078 people) work in transportation and logistics companies, freight forwarding companies, and companies providing cargo storage services. Cargo owners in the visitor audience occupied a share of 38% (10,600 specialists). Representatives from related industries (IT solutions, insurance, foreign trade, professional associations, media, etc.) represented 14% of the audience.

TransRussia 2024 visitors

SkladTech, a special exposition of warehouse equipment and technologies, was visited by 13,157 professionals* in 2024. Of these, 11,774 were targeted visitors:

  • 38% (4,471 people) - transportation, logistics and freight forwarding companies / storage services,
  • 46% (5,399 persons) - cargo owners,
  • 16% (1,904 people) - representatives of related industries.

SkladTech 2024 visitors

68% of visitors are top management

The majority of visitors to TransRussia | SkladTech 2024 are in management positions, so business negotiations at the exhibition site are fast and productive:

  • 34% (6,684 people) - owners/managers of companies,
  • 13% (3 598 people) - deputy managers,
  • 31% (8,612 people) - head of department / group.

The remaining 32% of visitors hold manager / specialist positions or are individual entrepreneurs. Among SkladTech 2024 visitors, 71% of specialists hold managerial positions.

The main purpose of the visit is to find new suppliers and business partners

76% of specialists come to TransRussia | SkladTech 2024 to find new suppliers and business partners at the site. The interest in the services and products of exhibitors is confirmed by the results of surveys: 72% of visitors planned to purchase services and equipment following the exhibition. In addition, the main goal for 63% of visitors was to meet with colleagues and current partners**.

82% of exhibitors found new customers and business partners at TransRussia | SkladTech 2024

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**TransRussia visitors who noted a visit to SkladTech
**multiple choice was used in the question