Dear visitors of the TransRussia | SkladTech 2025 exhibition!

We are pleased to announce that during the exhibition 18-20 March will be running the Leadscanning service!

Leadscanning at TransRussia | SkladTech 2025

  • No more collecting and digitizing business cards. Scan the barcodes on the badges of your stand’s visitors and other exhibitors of TransRussia | SkladTech 2025 to share contact information.
  • All data is collected in one place, upload and process contacts at your convenience.
  • The service and all its functionality will be absolutely free!

We’ll devote a separate webinar with more detailed information about the capabilities of leadscanning service, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the function, to which we will invite all exhibitors.

We wish you successful preparations for TransRussia | SkladTech 2025!