About ITE Group

ITE Group is the organizer of the largest industry exhibitions and business events in Russia. Companies from all over the world meet at our events to share best practices, present innovative solutions, find and establish business contacts, as well as for business development and professional growth. Our exhibitions are accompanied by a rich business program, give exhibitors and visitors an unforgettable experience and provide a high return on investment.

Our purpose is to hold unmissable events where customers from all over the world share unique experiences and offer innovative solutions for their industries. Our mission is to create must-attend events for the success of your business and the development of economic sectors.

ITE Exhibitions

The Company has worked in Russia since 1991, where its portfolio includes 22 exhibitions in the following industries: construction, transportation & logistics, industrial equipment production, tourism, agriculture & food production, etc.

  • MosBuild: the international building and interiors trade show
  • MosHome: the international exhibition of consumer goods for house, garden, sports and leisure
  • MITT: the international travel & hospitality show
  • WorldFood Moscow: the international autumn food and drink exhibition
  • TransRussia: the international exhibition for transport and logistics services, warehouse equipment and technologies
  • SkladTech: the special exposition of warehouse equipment
  • MiningWorld Russia: the international exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals
  • YugAgro: the international exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production
  • RosUpack: the international exhibition for the packaging industry
  • Printech: the international exhibition of equipment, technologies and supplies for print and advertising production
  • Securika Moscow: the international exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products
  • Weldex: the international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies
  • Fastenex: the international exhibition of fasteners and industrial supply
  • Pharmtech & Ingredients: the international exhibition of equipment, raw materials and technologies for pharmaceutical production
  • Aquaflame by Aquatherm Moscow: the international exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, equipment for swimming pools, saunas and spas
  • AIRVent: the international exhibition of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, technologies and services
  • DairyTech: the international exhibition of equipment for milk and dairy production
  • ExpoElectronica: the international exhibition of electronics: components and technologies, materials and equipment, embedded systems and turnkey solutions
  • ExpoCifra: the exhibition of information technologies and digital transformation solutions
  • Analitika Expo: the international exhibition of laboratory equipment and chemical reagents
  • Woodex: the international exhibition of equipment, materials and components for the woodworking and furniture industry
  • ToolMash: the international hardware exhibition
  • MIMS Automobility Moscow:* the international exhibition for the automotive service industry
  • COMTRANS:* the international commercial vehicle show

*with ITEMF Expo

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