Two weeks until TransRussia 2023: what will be presented at the exhibition

Two weeks are left until the 27th International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services, Warehouse Equipment and Technologies TransRussia 2023. For the second time, a special exposition of SkladTech warehouse equipment will be held at one site. You can visit the exhibition and special exposition for free - use the promo code at the end of the news.

Participants of TransRussia|SkladTech 2023: more than 430 companies

430+ companies from 22 countries will take part in the forthcoming exhibition. Among them are international companies and the largest representatives of the industry. GK Delo, RZD Logistics, FESCO, SWIFT, Globaltrans, Sovtransavto, Demetra-Holding, Eurosib, Modul, Modum-Trans, First Logistic, Aurora Forklift, COMITAS, AXELOT, OKTRON, Mikron Plant, FKKK GROUP, Noblelift Rus and many other industry leaders have confirmed their participation in TransRussia 2023.

TransRussia 2023
TransRussia 2023

In 2023, the exposition will expand significantly and occupy over 24,000 sq m. This became possible thanks to new participants - more than 150 companies for the first time will stand at the exhibition with their stands. Companies from China and Turkey showed particular interest in participating. Among the newcomers: COMITAS, TransAtlantic, FARES, Vedexx, STE Logistics, RZD Business Active, Trakresurs-Region, Trade House Vertical, Techstroykontrakt, DiPOS, Rocktrak-Rus and many others.

Everything for transport logistics in 12 sections

The following services, technologies and solutions will be demonstrated at TransRussia 2023:

  1. Comprehensive logistics services and freight forwarding;

This section will present services for international and domestic delivery of goods, their customs clearance and safekeeping, for multimodal and intermodal transportation.

  1. Cargo carriers;

Cargo air carriers and airlines, airports/terminals and other cargo agents will present their services to the visitors of the exhibition.

  1. Cargo transportation by road;

Visitors to TransRussia 2023 will be able to get acquainted with the services of transport companies for freight, container, refrigerated trucking, FTL and LTL transportation.

  1. Railway companies and rail freight operators;

Leading Russian and foreign railway operators will present services for the delivery of any cargo by rail: container transit, transportation of coal, oil products, metallurgical cargo, temperature cargo, etc.

  1. Sea and river transportation;

The participants of the section will present services for the carriage of goods by water transport: foreign trade and cabotage transportation of goods along transatlantic routes, liner, tramp, ferry transportation by sea and inland waterways.

  1. Ports and terminals, cargo handling services in ports;

Exhibition visitors will be able to view a wide range of stevedoring and logistics services in ports and terminals: services for docking, transshipment, handling, storage of goods, their consolidation / deconsolidation and subsequent transportation to the destination.

  1. Logistics for e-commerce.

For the first time at the TransRussia exhibition, in the section "Logistics of e-commerce", logistics solutions for e-commerce will be presented:

  • Last mile delivery,
  • Organization of warehousing,
  • Order picking,
  • Fulfillment.

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TransRussia 2023
TransRussia 2023
  1. Oversized shipments and project cargoes;

In this section, companies will demonstrate solutions for the transportation and customs clearance of heavy and oversized cargo (special machinery, equipment, construction sites, metal structures, etc.) by sea, river, rail and road.

  1. Logistics, distribution centers and terminals;

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the services for the acceptance and handling of goods in terminal and warehouse complexes. Evaluate services for temporary storage of goods, their customs clearance and further distribution.

  1. IT solutions;

TransRussia 2023 will present a wide range of information technologies, software, IT ecosystems and integrated solutions for automating logistics processes, supply chain management, transport monitoring, etc.

  1. Equipment and components;

In this section, companies will demonstrate machinery, equipment and components, as well as services for the repair and maintenance of equipment for ports and terminals, vehicles.

  1. Associated services;

The section will present a wide range of financial services: insurance, leasing, lending, services for customs clearance of goods and foreign economic activity.

Warehouse equipment and technologies as part of the SkladTech special exposition

As part of the special SkladTech exposition, the entire range of services and technologies for the provision and automation of the warehouse will be presented. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with material handling equipment, warehouse / racking and engineering systems, solutions for storage and handling of goods, packaging and order picking.

A visit to the exhibition is an opportunity to review the entire range of transport and logistics services, warehouse equipment and technologies within three days and within one site.

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