Sponsorship and advertising

Dear Exhibitors,
Advertising opportunities offered by the exhibition give your business a chance to increase brand awareness either during the event, or well ahead of it, thus boosting your marketing effect of exhibiting and provide additional promotional opportunities.

Benefit the most from the leading transport and logistics event in Russia:

  • Present your products and services most effectively to the largest target audience in Russia
  • Increase the number of business contacts and boost sales
  • Solidify your leadership in the market
  • Improve your brand recognition and reinforce company image
  • Attract additional audience attention to your company and services

Please note: some services must be ordered till March 10, 2023. Please carefully read all the requirements below to make sure you order in time and avoid dissapointment.

Orders made later than the time specified in the description of the relevant services will not be provided in full.

Download TransRussia Advertising Manual
Sponsorship options
Sponsorship options
Download the manual and choose partnership options of TransRussia exhibition and SkladTech special exposition
Advertising on the site is available both on the street area and inside the pavilions
Order form
Order form
Download and complete TransRussia advertising services order form

The content of Partner and Sponsorship Packages is developed individually in accordance the marketing tasks, objectives, and the individual requirements of your company.

If you are planning a marketing and advertising campaign, please, contact us:
Lameya Aiman
Customer Success Executive
+971 (4) 457 2926 (EXT: 7014)
[email protected]