Rail Freight Carriers & Operators:

  • National railway
  • Rail-freight operators
  • Containers railway transportation
  • Railway cargo transportation in wagons and gondolas
  • Transportation in tanks and tank containers
  • Refrigerated railway transportation

Leading Russian and International railway operators will present services for all types of cargo shipments by rail: container transit, transportation of coal, petroleum products, metallurgical cargo, bulk and agroindustrial cargo, timber and lumber, temperature cargo etc.

You will be able to find partners and compare services for transportation of export, import and domestic goods by rail at TransRussia 2023.

Among of TransRussia 2022 Exhibitors:

Atlant, Eastcomtrans, Eurosib, Globaltrans, Lithuanian Railways, Logbox, LP Trans, Modum-Trans, NOVOTRANS, PGK, Rail Cargo Austria AG, RUSCON, RTC Holding, SJ Logistics, TETRA TRANS, Torgmoll, TransContainer, UTLC and other.

TransRussia 2023
Rail-Freight Operators
Rail-Freight Operators at TransRussia