Maritime Cargo Carriers at TransRussia:

  • Maritime Shipping Operators
  • Operators of cargo transportation by sea
  • Bulk, Ro-Ro and Heavy Lift cargo transportation
  • Containers Transportation
  • Barge & Inland Waterways

Maritime Cargo transportation is the most available way of intercontinental shipments from all business sectors. Almost any cargo can be shipped on the ship — containets, automobile, raw, gas and oil, Bulk, Ro-Ro and Heavy Lift, etc. Due to the high cargo capacity of ships, as well as cost optimization, the cost of services is much lower than air, auto or railway transportation.

TransRussia exhibitors will present the full range of cargo transportation services by sea and Inland Waterways: regular foreign trade and coastal cargo transportation on transatlantic routes, linear, tramp operations, barge cargo transportation.

Among of TransRussia 2022 Exhibitors:

ARC Shipping Company, ARRC Line, FESCO, MORWENNA Shipping Company, SASCO (Sakhalin Shipping Company), Transfennica Nederland B.V. and many more.

Maritime Cargo Carriers at TransRussia
Maritime Cargo Carriers
TransRussia exhibition 2023