IT Solutions at TransRussia:

  • Transport Management Systems (TMS)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM)
  • Security and Anti-Theft Systems
  • Transport Control and Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems
  • Auto ID
  • Communication Systems and other IT Technology

Leading IT developers, system integrators and aggregators will present at TransRussia 2023 full range of solutions in information technologies, software, IT ecosystems and integrated solutions for automation of logistics processes, supply chain management, transport monitoring and transport logistics management, warehouse logistics management, IT-solutions for container, bulk carrier, railway and port terminals.

Among of TransRussia 2022 Exhibitors:

BORLAS, GROOZGO, Solvo, Vezubr and many more.

TransRussia 2023
IT Solutions
IT Solutions at TransRussia