As event organiser, ITE Expo International LLC plc takes care of your health and safety. Therefore, we pay utmost importance to the safety of the exhibition that we will organize following the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • You need to have your mask and gloves with you while coming to the show as it will not be allowed to enter the exhibition area without mask and gloves.

  • You should have spare masks, gloves and hand sanitisers for both you and your personnel as they need to be changed at regular intervals based on the duration of the work shift (e.g. masks - at least once every 3 hours). In the event of a shortage of personal protective equipment, their damage or loss, it will be possible to purchase PPE (masks, respirators, gloves) in front of the Exhibition hall.

  • We kindly ask you to provide your visitors/clients with a promotional code for pre-registration prior to arrival to the show in order to avoid waiting at the queue and minimize physical contact.

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  • It is important to design an exhibition stand with all health and physical distancing measures in mind. For example, keeping the number of staff in the stand as minim Terms and Conditions Schedule, optimizing the area for displaying products etc.

  • During the construction of the stand, it is necessary to provide space for disinfection of hands, including using installed dispensers or wet wipes.

  • Modular stand is recommended in order to prevent higher number of risks during stand construction.

  • We request you to make your planning in a manner to have lowest number of workers for stand construction and create your stand design accordingly.

  • In order to minimise physical contact during stand construction, stand materials may be brought to venue by parts instead of all at once, and hand tools shall not be handed to each other among workers.

  • You could have an info desk with plexiglass to protect your staff or host/hostess who will greet the visitors coming to your stand in the first place. Besides, these people may wear face shields as they will be in close contact with so many visitors.

  • You may consider having physical separators in areas where you are planning to have face to face meetings with your clients or team.

  • Instead of displaying the products of your whole products range, you may prefer displaying some by digital exhibiting via screens on your stand walls.

  • The project should specify the routing of stand visitors and the arrangement of tables and counters at the stands, taking into account the observance of physical distancing (not less than 1.5 meters), as well as the design is to provide separate entrances and exits to the stand with the installation of appropriate signs and boundary tapes.

  • The calculation of the number of exhibitors, visitors and all other people, being at the stand simultaneously, their arrangement/seating is carried out taking into account the norms of physical distancing (not less than 1.5 meters).

  • It is necessary to provide space for disinfection of hands at the stand (at the entrances/exits and other places of possible congestion of visitors, including using installed dispensers or wet wipes.



  • You are recommended to create your stand design in a manner to help you take the density of visitors and staff under control. You may determine the maximum number of people (staff and visitors) you could safely have in your stand considering how big your stand is. You should designate visitor access and egress directions in your stand if necessary.
    TIP: You could use various signages, floor markings and tapes to carry out physical distancing controls.

  • You may reconsider your exhibits in accordance with your stand size and/or physical conditions. For example, having a smart branding on your stand walls facing the visitor aisles will attract the right visitors to your stand and reduce irrelevant crowd.

  • You may need to make sure that the areas in your stand where visitors are greeted have been designed in accordance with physical distancing rules.

  • Creating a pre-scheduled appointment system for your clients may be recommended if applicable.

  •  TIP: You could include in your invitations what safety measures you are going to take on site and send it your clients prior to show. That might make them feel more comfortable to visit your stand and the show.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for the hygiene measures for their own stands. Therefore, the first control you could take may be having hand sanitisers in your stands where your visitors could reach easily.

  • You may need to make sure your staff and visitors in your stand are making use of it properly.

  • Please organize disinfection with a frequency of treatment every 2 hours of all most-contacted surfaces at the stand: door handles, handrails of stairs, railings, table surfaces, showcases, racks, office equipment, armrests of chairs, etc.
  • Before the beginning of each exhibition day, we kindly ask you to carry out wet cleaning of the places for personnel and common areas at the stand using virucidal disinfectants, permitted for use in the prescribed manner.

  • It is recommended to use air disinfection equipment approved for use in the presence of people in the closed rooms of the stand.

  • We recommend that you set the intervals between presentation sessions at your stand at least 15 minutes to ventilate premises and disinfect contact surfaces.

  • Please organize the collection of used masks (respirators) and gloves of your staff and visitors of the event in plastic bags at the stand with subsequent disposal as solid waste.

  • You could organize informing your staff and guests of your stand by sending out emails in advance, posting text, audio / visual information on the websites of your company, at the entrance to the stand, including using digital posters, about the need to comply with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



  • You may provide free masks and gloves in your stand when asked by anyone including visitors.

  • You may need to make sure that these protectors meet the required standards and are kept in hygienic conditions.
  • Exhibitors should encourage using of face shields by their personnel but also pay attention to below issues:

    • Hands must be washed before putting on and off the face shields.
    • Face shields must be changed every day and disinfected prior to use.
    • If they are washable, face shields must be washed according to instructions of producer. Unless they are washable, they must be thrown away carefully.
    • One face shield must not be used by more than one person.



  • As the products displays pose risks of massive crowd, it is recommended to limit your product displays and do it only for important ones, while respecting physical distancing rules.

  • You may avoid or minimise activities of product displays. In case of offerings to visitors, please prefer pre-packaged and single-use service tools which are conforming to hygiene standards.

  • Avoid offerings with snack bowls which are open to public use.

  • We request you to avoid offering drinks in your stand. If you will do, you may use small bottled drinks.



  • In order to prevent spread of the virus, you are recommended to have fewer printed materials in exhibition. If possible, it would be convenient to bring your materials as prepared and packed prior to show.

  • You may find digital or cyber ways of informing your visitors instead of printed brochures and catalogues.

  • We kindly request you to avoid delivering anything to visitors including promotional gifts.



  • Physical distancing is the most important measure to control the spread of COVID-19. Ensure physical distancing of employees (at least 1.5 meters) both during the period of installation / dismantling works (for technical personnel - taking into account the safety requirements of the work), and during the event.

  • Consider use of any safe outside areas for staff breaks.
  • For your own staff, consider ordering pre-packaged meals/snacks from the official stand catering supplier to avoid having to go to catering points within the hall. Prohibit food intake in workplaces. Meals should be taken in a specially designated room for staff according to a pre-established schedule, taking into account a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

  • Ensure that you brief your team, including your contractors, on all measures the organiser is putting into place prior to the event arrival.

  • Brief your team about the control measures you have decided to set out before they travel to the venue. Share your plans in advance in order to help them feel comfortable about the ways in which you have reduced the risks.

  • Your staff should also be briefed on safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the use of disinfectants.

  • You may appoint one of your staff as responsible for making sure your control measures are implemented, including the use of PPE (masks and gloves) by your staff during the show.

  • In case your personnel accommodate in hotel, you may need to make sure that they are aware of and comply with the measures and policy of the hotel.

  • Every day, before admission to the venue, the body temperature of staff involved in the preparation and conduct of the event is monitored, with the obligatory suspension of persons with an elevated body temperature and / or signs of an infectious disease from being onsite.
  • Please remember: your responsibility and orderliness are the guarantee of your health and the health of others, and level the risk of being held accountable for violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules provided for by the current national legislation.