Exhibition sections

Complex Logistics Services & Freight Forwarding
Freight forwarding services, multimodal transportation
3-4PL, Integrated logistics solutions, last mile
Road Transport Carriers
Road truck cargo shipments
Refrigerated, container, FTL and LTL transportation
Rail Freight Carriers & Operators
Rail Freight transportation
Containers, wagons, gondolas and tanks transportation
Air Cargo Carriers
Air Cargo Carriers, Air freight agents, Airlines
Airports and Terminals
Maritime Cargo Carriers
Operators of cargo transportation by sea and Inland Waterways
Maritime Shipping Operators, Ship Agencies
Ports & Terminals, Freight Handling Services in Ports
Ports, terminals, warehouses and hubs
Cargo handling services in ports and terminals
Outsize & Heavy Lift Carriage (Break Bulk)
Logistics services for heavy-lift and project cargo
Breakbulk cargo handling services in ports and terminals
IT Solutions for Transport & Logistics
IT-solutions for monitoring and managing transport logistics
Solutions for warehouse automation and supply chain management
Logistics Centers
Logistics, Warehouse Distribution Centers and Terminals
Rental and support services for hubs and terminals
E-commerce logistics
Last mile delivery, warehousing
Organization of the goods movement from the supplier to the recipient
Equipment & Components
Rolling stocks, fitting platforms, wagons, containers and tanks
Cranes, loading equipment and components
Associated Services
Financial services: insurance, leasing, lending
Freight customs clearance and foreign trade


Warehousing and shelving systems
Warehouse Equipment, Shelving systems
Robotic technology, Conveyor lines
Lifting and transporting equipment
Handling, lifting and transporting equipment
Cranes, winches, component equipment
Packaging and order picking
Transport packaging, packaging materials
Measuring equipment and systems
Warehouse automation systems
Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems
Marking solutions, RFID, bar codes, control management systems
Еngineering systems and service equipment
Equipment Maintenance and Repair, HVAC Equipment
Lighting Equipment, Cleaning equipment for warehouses and storage