Exhibition sections

Freight Transportation Services
Rail, road, sea and air cargo shipments
Freight forwarding services, multimodal transportation, LCL-cargoes
Transportation of bulk, liquid, bulk and dangerous goods
Freight Handling Services in Ports & Terminals
Ports, terminals, warehouses and hubs
Cargo handling services in ports and terminals
Chartering and support of vessels, equipment for ports and terminals
Logistics services for project cargo, heavy-lift, and ro-ro cargo
Breakbulk cargo handling services in ports and terminals
Equipment for handling operations and transportation
Integrated logistics solutions and contract logistics
Warehouse operations, responsible storage and cross-docking
3-4PL operators and Express delivery
Warehouse equipment and services
Warehouses systems
Lifting and transport equipment for the warehouse
Warehouse automation solutions
Financial services: insurance, leasing, lending
Freight customs clearance and foreign trade
Support and safety of cargo transportation
IT Solutions for Transport & Logistics
IT-solutions for monitoring and managing transport logistics
Software for logistics automation and supply chain management
Solutions for warehouse automation and warehouse logistics management
Rolling stocks, fitting platforms, wagons, containers and tanks
Trucks, lorries, SPMTs, trailers
Cranes, loading equipment and components