About SkladTech

SkladTech special project dedicated to warehouse and handling equipment, automation systems and solutions.

When: April 17-19, 2023
Where: Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 1

SkladTech — is a unique opportunity to:

  • present machinery, equipment, products and services to the maximum target visitors;

  • find new clients and partners, meet with existing ones;

  • expand the sales geography;

  • sign contracts directly at the exhibition.


SkladTech special projectSkladTech 2023

SkladTech Sections

Warehousing and shelving systems
Warehouse Equipment, Shelving systems
Robotic technology, Conveyor lines
Lifting and transporting equipment for a warehouse
Handling, lifting and transporting equipment
Cranes, winches, component equipment
Equipment and materials for packaging and order picking
Transport packaging, packaging materials
Measuring equipment and systems
Warehouse automation systems
Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems
Marking solutions, RFID, bar codes, control management systems
Еngineering systems and service equipment
Equipment Maintenance and Repair, HVAC Equipment
Lighting Equipment, Cleaning equipment for warehouses and storage

Benefits of exhibiting

SkladTech visitors are:

  • Top managers, heads, managers and supervisors from transport, logistics and forwarding companies;
  • Top managers, heads of warehouse logistics and supply chain management departments, specialists from the largest industrial, manufacturing and wholesale companies, retail companies and marketplaces.

High quality of visitors:

Freight forwarders, 3-4PL operators, specialists from distribution centers, terminals and warehouse complexes, specialists from manufacturing enterprises, wholesale companies, retailers and marketplaces with their warehouses.

Visitors' high purchasing power

Negotiate with the visitors of SkladTech and TransRussia and agree on cooperation.

Expand the sales geography

SkladTech is a great opportunity to present your products to high-quality target audience, introduce a new product/service on the Russian market or expand the geography of sales.

Among the visitors:

SkladTech visitors

Benefits of visiting

SkladTech participants present:

  • Solutions for warehouse automation and robotization
  • Lifting and transporting equipment
  • Conveyor lines and shelving systems
  • IT solutions for warehouse automation (WMS)
  • Identification technologies: RFID, barcode
  • Labelling solutions
  • Equipment and materials for order picking and packaging

SkladTech exhibitors include:

SkladTech exhibitors

In three days, SkladTech visitors will be able to:

  • meet with leading manufacturers and distributors of equipment and IT solutions for warehouse logistics;
  • see warehouse equipment and technological solutions in action;
  • compare the terms of cooperation and choose the most profitable;
  • sign new contracts directly at the SkladTech project site;
  • obtain up-to-date information about the state of the industry by attending SkladTech Academy events.

SkladTech visitorsSkladTech 2023 visitors