About SkladTech

SkladTech is a special exposition of warehouse equipment with maximum commercial potential. It is held at the same venue as the largest logistics exhibition TransRussia.

The key advantage of SkladTech is its high commercial potential.

Only within SkladTech you will be able to access the largest number of targeted specialists:

And also, thanks to the holding on the same site with the largest logistics exhibition TransRussia:

  • You will be able to meet the participants of the TransRussia exhibition: more than 240 logistics and transport companies are your potential buyers

  • You will increase your brand recognition: more than 18,000 visitors of the TransRussia exhibition - representatives of trade, production and forwarding companies will learn about your

SkladTech Sections

Warehousing and shelving systems
Warehouse Equipment, Shelving systems
Robotic technology, Conveyor lines
Lifting and transporting equipment
Handling, lifting and transporting equipment
Cranes, winches, component equipment
Packaging and order picking
Transport packaging, packaging materials
Measuring equipment and systems
Warehouse automation systems
Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems
Marking solutions, RFID, bar codes, control management systems
Еngineering systems and service equipment
Equipment Maintenance and Repair, HVAC Equipment
Lighting Equipment, Cleaning equipment for warehouses and storage

SkladTech 2022 exhibitors:

SkladTech exhibitors