Benefits of visiting

TransRussia is:

• Time saving

Across three full event days you can network with over 400 transport & logistics services providers across four exhibition sectors - something that would take months across non-event channels.


  • The place where the transport & logistics industry gathers

With market-leading companies and organisations taking part, and new transport & logistics players participating at every event, TransRussia is an excellent opportunity to assess the market, compare different suppliers, and get up to date with the latest industry trends.

  • Full of useful contacts

It is easy to find new partners, connect with existing partners, and establish contacts for solving business problems at the event.


  • Russia's transport & logistics intelligence hub

As part of the TransRussia Business Programme, there are conferences and seminars covering the most topical issues, and practical sessions where participants share their success stories in solving complex business problems.

By visiting the TransRussia Business Programme, you will gain new knowledge and practical tools that will increase your value in the eyes of employers.

Visiting TransRussia allows

  • For representatives of manufacturing and trading companies:

To optimize the delivery of all commercial cargos through direct contact with freight forwarders and owners of its own fleet of trucks, containers, railcars, marine vessels and aircraft, terminals, warehouses and port infrastructure.


  • For transport and logistics companies and freight forwarders:

To find reliable partners to build supply chain and cooperate on favorable terms.

To choose modern IT solutions for optimization of transport and logistics processes management.


  • For suppliers of financial and other services:

To discuss ways of cooperation with major companies of transportation and logistics industry and agree on mutually beneficial cooperation.


In addition, the most relevant topics of business programme will allow you to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, gain practical knowledge and learn from the experience of the largest players in the market.