Four trends in the transport and logistics market for 2022

What are the outlooks for the transport and logistics services market in 2022?

In the next four years, the Russian transport and logistics services market will show moderate growth, experts say.  According to M.A. Research, the industry will grow 6.6% in 2022, 5.8% in 2023, 5.7% in 2024, and 5.6% in 2025.
As for cargo transportation in each area, there is a positive trend almost everywhere. For example, in the first half of 2021, rail freight turnover was 1,304 billion tonne-kilometres and almost reached the level of the same period of the pre-pandemic 2019. According to the Russian Ministry of Transport, the cargo turnover of motor transport in January-June 2021 increased by 4% (75 billion tonne-kilometres), sea and river transport - by 2% (44 billion tonne-kilometres), and aircraft transport - by 21% (4 billion tonne-kilometres). 
What will be the further development of the transport and logistics services market? Here are the five most pronounced trends in the transport and logistics market in 2022:

1.    Active growth of e-commerce and express delivery market

Experts point out that 80-85% of all transactions in 2022 will be done online, compared to no more than 70% in 2021 (both b2c and b2b). Global trade continues to shift from the real sector to the Internet. In addition, the express delivery market is growing rapidly, by 60-80% per year.

2.    Digitalization accelerates

Digitalization is underway. It facilitates the rapid exchange of information for prompt decision-making, supervision of tasks, and minimization of resource consumption. The development of digital technology contributes to increasing the efficiency of logistics. In particular, it affects delivery times, which during the pandemic changed from 1-2 days to 15-30 minutes.

3.    Process automation

Most logistics companies today automate their work processes using online features and high-quality software. According to experts of the transport and logistics market, in 2022 the quality of IT solutions deployed by enterprises will determine up to 20-30% of their success.

4.    "Green logistics"

Sustainable development, green transportation and green logistics are topics that will only become more and more relevant to the transport and logistics industry year by year. For this reason, enterprise development in 2022 will pay close attention to adding electric vehicles to fleets, equipping green warehouses, and decarbonizing.
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