LTG Cargo — New Name, Dynamic Solutions and Ambitious Goals

LTG Cargo, the largest freight company in the Baltics, owned by Lithuanian Railways (LTG), operates successfully both in Lithuania and abroad

The company’s cargo transportation directions are European, Baltic, Scandinavian, Transcaucasian and Asian countries. LTG Cargo’s main service package consists of general cargo transportation by rail and intermodal transportation in Europe and Asia. LTG Cargo is also developing semi-trailer transportation by 1435 mm and 1520 mm rail gauges, thus offering its customers environment-friendly and efficient cargo transportation and service.

Through its activities, the company seeks to develop new freight transportation practices in Lithuania and foreign markets, therefore, marking the new century of operations, the Lithuanian Railways Group and its subsidiaries established in 2019 updated their main business objectives and introduced new company names to the public. The name of Lithuanian Railways remains the same, and the newly introduced abbreviation LTG henceforth is uniting the names and trademarks of all companies of the Group. The company engaged in passenger transportation has become LTG Link, the company engaged in cargo transportation has become LTG Cargo and the infrastructure development company has become LTG Infra. The new names include all the accumulated good practices and indicate that LTG is ready for new beginning and a new path of improvement. One of the company’s goals to improve is to create benefits for businesses by successfully competing abroad. Therefore, the new brands created are easy to understand and remember not only in Lithuania, but also in the world.

ltg cargo logoLTG Cargo, which ensures smooth cargo transportation, now stands out with the yellow color of the brand. It means activity, initiative, non-standard thinking. Cargo transportation directions of LTG Cargo are constantly expanding and the company finds new partners keen to operate every year. The company operates in a highly competitive global market, where pollution intolerance is increasing, and time and professionalism are most valued. Therefore, non-standard thinking and constant search for new solutions are necessary qualities for a company to boldly enter European markets and compete with world-famous brands.

In 2020, LTG Cargo took a strong step in Poland, where a subsidiary LTG Cargo Polska was established. Its purpose is to develop freight transportation by rail in Poland, to provide forwarding services, and to rent locomotives and / or their crews. In this way, the company aims to strengthen logistics supply chains and improve the mobility of large loads between Lithuania and Poland. The expansion to Poland also allows diversifying the profile of LTG Cargo services and increase the cargo flow.
The renewed LTG and LTG Cargo, the cargo transportation company, continue to establish significant relations in Lithuania and abroad, thus expanding not only their circle of customers, but also their prosperous businesses.

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