New gateway between Europe and Asia

East West Gate, General Partner of TransRussia 2021, will present Europe’s largest, inland intermodal combi terminal, currently under construction

East West Gate (EWG), Europe’s largest intermodal combi terminal based on track change, which is under construction on 85 hectares, introduces itself for the first time to the international professionals in the framework of the TransRussia 2021. The construction of the terminal featuring state-of-the-art technologies was started in Fényeslitke in Hungary, near the Hungarian-Ukrainian-Slovak border, in January this year. The EWG, located at the intersection of normal and wide gauges, will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2022, will have the theoretical capacity of 1 million TEU per year.

The terminal of the 21st century would like to take advantage of the capacity increase provided by the development of the Trans-Siberian railway by offering a new alternative route for freight traffic from the east, mainly to Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia, as well as Serbia. All this is another opportunity to make better use of the capacity of the Trans-Siberian railway. 

In addition to its speed, the EWG will have the significant advantage over other European facilities of being able to tranship special materials, such as gas container tanks and chemicals, making it an excellent opportunity to transport Russian chemical raw materials. The EWG will be Europe’s terminal operating with the most modern terminal operation system, using its own 5G network and green technology, suitable for craning conventional public road semi-trailers onto rail wagons. In the neighbourhood and surrounding area of the terminal about a half million square meters of warehouse, assembly or production plant can be built..


East West Gate (EWG) will be presented at TransRussia 2021, will be held on April 12-14, 2021 at the Crocus Expo IEC

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