The Dobrá combined transport terminal

The Dobrá combined transport terminal (TKD Dobrá) is a gateway to the Schengen Area

Тhanks to standard gauge (1435 mm) and broad gauge (1520 mm) railway connections, provides a convenient
point of exchange for consignments between these two gauges and SMGS and CIM conventions.
TKD Dobrá is a separate tariff point and a customs zone.
The terminal covers an area of 100,735 m2.
Track length below the gantry crane:
Standard                                           2 x 460 m
Broad                                                 2 x 460 m                         
Gantry crane / capacity                2 x / 50 t
Spreader                                          40 t
Front-end container loader         1 / 45 t
24-hour operating capacity:        430 TEU
Storage capacity                            1,630 TEU
The primary service offered by TKD Dobrá is the handling/transhipment of intermodal units in multi-modal
rail-to-rail, rail-to-truck, truck-to-truck, rail-to-warehouse and truck-to-warehouse transport.
In addition to transport services, we provide numerous end users with other services at the terminal, including
the short-term and long-term storage of loaded and empty units, cooling of isothermal cargo units, security for
stored units and truck weighing services. We act as an intermediary for the disposal of hazardous cargo from damaged
cargo units, fuel pumping services, customs clearance and phyto-control services.