Celebrating 25 years of TransRussia

In 2020, we celebrate TransRussia’s 25th anniversary on the events calendar.

With more than two decades’ covering the transport and logistics services and technologies in Russia, we’re proud to be able to announce such a milestone occasion. 

Participating in TransRussia will help expand your customer base

As the largest exhibition for transport and logistics services and technologies in Russia, you’ll be able to open your customer base to the thousands of unique visitors who attend. These visitors, from across 77 regions of Russia, are specialists of the transport and logistics industry. 
Of those attending TransRussia, nearly three quarters (69%) are heads of companies, departments and their deputies, so you’re getting access to those in leadership positions with purchasing power and influence. The majority of visitors are representatives of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as 75 regions of Russia. 

Thinking big at every opportunity

For the 25th international exhibition for transport and logistics services and technologies, we’re making sure the content program is stacked up with speeches from industry leaders, multiple conferences and networking zones so exhibitors and visitors alike are getting the best out of the three-day event.
To make the most of your exhibition, we’ve put together a list of eight steps to guide you through participation in the exhibition before, during and after it takes place. 
These are:
1. Set your goals – by clearly defining your goals you’ll be able to decide where to focus your attention and effort.
2. Plan the budget – this will allow you to set realistic expectations about the stand design, marketing, staff and expenses you can afford from the get-go. 
3. Design your stand – including functional and emotional components to your stand design will help attract visitors during the exhibition.
4. Think about your promotion – consider additional advertising options outside of just your stand design, so that you can reach a wider audience and increase your brand awareness. 
5. Invite visitors to your stand – during exhibition time, invite visitors to your stand to make sure you get a chance to network and build connections. That’s the whole point, after all!
6. Train your staff – competent and well-trained staff will be more likely to communicate with visitors in a way that achieves great results for your business. 
7. Contact visitors immediately after the event – following up with visitors after the exhibition is the best way to keep building on the relationship, which will differentiate your from other competitors they may have spoken with.
8. Analyse your participation in the exhibition – don’t forget to take stock of how you went at the exhibition, summing up the results to understand how you have grown your contact list and increased brand awareness.  

Enquire today about TransRussia 2020

If you want to find out more about exhibiting at TransRussia 2020, you can simply get in touch with one of the TransRussia team or book a stand today