Camco’s new RMG-CAM

Camco’s new RMG-CAM enables increased terminal efficiency and safety, while reducing operating costs, human errors, and transaction time.

Camco is the pioneer and reference in the automation of intermodal and container terminals. Camco’s new RMG-CAM OCR camera has been designed to increase the efficiency at rail- and landside operations. The new RMG-CAM camera system automatically captures, identifies and registers containers during handling by Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMG cranes).

Camco’s RMG-CAM captures key OCR data and images of containers without disrupting crane operations: there is no impact on the container’s flight path nor the crane’s uptime. Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is instantly sent to the Terminal Operating System, ultimately improving operational efficiency. OCR read rates are high, keeping operator exception jobs to a minimum.
Camco’s RMG-CAM crane OCR solution is highly accurate and engineered for reliability,
high availability and easy maintenance. The system’s guaranteed longevity results in short ROI times.

This intelligent camera captures high resolution images of the container’s short sides during handling, without interrupting normal crane operations. Data formerly registered manually by tallymen under the crane are now automatically captured, greatly enhancing safety.
A typical setup is based on a pair of high-end industrial high-speed cameras fixed onto the RMG crane legs. With unobstructed views towards the container’s flight path, the cameras will capture images of each passing container’s front and rear.
These images are immediately processed on the cameras and image analysis results are sent to
the TOS for further use. Integration with the crane control system ensures correct triggering.
To support 24/7 operations in all weather conditions, the cameras are equipped with built-in LED light projectors which produce optimal on- demand light conditions.
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